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febrero 25, 2011

Are we letting go?

"…and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there."
The Star Spangled Banner.

What has been with our hunger for conquest, with our fierce for power, for knowledge, for land?

I see America standing still while others (the Chinese, mostly) linger in the shadow like wolves growing strong and just waiting… waiting for us to be so weak, or so over-confident, or so blind not to see the menace running towards us to defeat us for once and for all.

I see my country bleeding through the wounds inflicted in that inglorious war of Vietnam which brought continuous loss in each and every battle our holy Nation has engaged ever since.

I see no great contributions to science recently, and no significant steps taken into rebuild our hegemony.

And, what is saddest is that I see ourselves doing nothing: driving our 8-cylinder truck to get some doughnuts to eat while we watch Oprah, caring for nothing more than paying our bills and debts, and about the new grill our neighbor has bought.

I prompt you, my fellow Americans, to make a vow not to let our country die in despair, and to make a contribution, for little that it may seem, from our workplace, our home, our school: it is up to us wether to excel in every single thing we do and glorify our homeland or to stay where we are, pretending nothing is going on until History vanishes us from Earth.